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Punishing Bullies with Public Humiliation: How some parents are deciding to prevent future bullying behavior

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Posted by Maria Mangicaro
Bullying Prevention Advocate

Thrift shop clothes punishment for bullying tween gets mixed reviews
Posted on: 11:08 pm, May 21, 2013, by Brittany Green-Miner and Caroline Connolly, updated on: 11:15pm, May 21, 2013

MURRAY, Utah – A punishment given to a fourth grade bully by her parents has garnered international attention, and the unique parenting method has received mixed reviews.

For several weeks, 10-year-old Kaylee had been teasing a classmate at Viewmont Elementary about the way she dressed.
When Kaylee’s dad’s fiancée Ally learned about the bullying, she asked Kaylee about it, and Kaylee didn’t show any remorse.
So Ally and Mark, Kaylee’s dad, decided to give the girl a taste of her own medicine. They went to a local thrift shop and picked out a “new” wardrobe for Kaylee to wear to school.  Click here to read more.

Published on Oct 7, 2013
Most parental punishments might include the naughty step, no pudding, or no Saturday night TV. But one parent, furious when his nine-year-old son was reported as bullying other kids at his elementary school, made him learn a lesson in a very humiliating way.

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Published on Nov 30, 2012
An Arizona school district has condemned the in-school discipline at one of its high schools after two boys were forced to hold hands in front of their classmates as a punishment for fighting.
Earlier this week, the two students at Westwood High School in Mesa, Ariz., who have not been named, were faced with the prospect of either suspension from school, or sitting in chairs in the high school’s courtyard and holding hands for 15 minutes during a lunch period. They opted for the latter.