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Moving from Cyber-Bullying to Cyber-Kindness: What do Students, Educators and Parents Say?

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Wanda Cassidy (Simon Fraser University, Canada), Karen Brown (Simon Fraser University, Canada) and Margaret Jackson (Simon Fraser University, Canada)
Copyright © 2011. 22 pages.

The purpose of this chapter is to explore cyber-bullying from three different, but interrelated, perspectives: students, educators and parents. The authors also explore the opposite spectrum of online behavior – that of “cyber-kindness” – and whether positive, supportive or caring online exchanges are occurring among youth, and how educators, parents and policy-makers can work collaboratively to foster a kinder online world rather than simply acting to curtail cyber-bullying. These proactive efforts tackle the deeper causes of why cyber-bullying occurs, provide students with tools for positive communication, open the door for discussion about longer term solutions, and get at the heart of the larger purposes of education – to foster a respectful and responsible citizenry and to further a more caring and compassionate society. In the course of this discussion, they highlight the findings from two studies they conducted in British Columbia, Canada, one on cyber-bullying and a later study, which addressed both cyber-bullying and cyber-kindness.

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CyberKindness: Nice on the Net

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