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From the blog of Trial Attorneys at Eglet Wall Christiansen: HOW EFFECTIVE IS NEVADA’S NEW CYBER-BULLYING LAW?

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On behalf of Robert Eglet of Eglet Wall Christiansen posted inCriminal Defense on Monday, October 21, 2013.

Just about every young person in Las Vegas has accounts on websites like Facebook and Instagram. These can be great ways of maintaining a social network and communicating with others, but they can also put teens in some situations that older generations never were confronted with. This can make it very difficult to draw lines between what is lawful behavior online, and what is not.

State and federal laws have been passed that attempt to establish these boundaries and identify dangerous or unlawful information that is being shared by juveniles online. The goal is to keep young people safe, but some of the laws may be misguided or too difficult to enforce accurately. One such law that has come under fire lately in Nevada is SB 414. Many teens and parents may want to be aware of this complex law, as it could end up putting a young person’s future in jeopardy.

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