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How This California Law Firm Handles Bullying Cases

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Posted by Maria Mangicaro
Bullying Prevention Advocate

Published on Oct 22, 2013

Bullying is a Big Problem

12-year-old Rebecca was bullied and terrorized relentlessly for months both on and offline. After texting a friend that she couldn’t take it anymore, Rebecca jumped to her death from a high cement factory tower.

Prior to Rebecca’s death, up to 15 teenagers in school had reportedly been bullying Rebecca with several using social media to make their point. After her death, two of the teenage girls were arrested for bullying Rebecca and are now charged as juveniles with criminal third-degree felony aggravated stalking.

Bullying happens every single day. The cases that seem to make the news are the ones where someone is seriously harmed or takes his or her life. I guess that’s understandable but it’s important to know that for every case you hear about on the news, there are hundreds of other bullying cases out there you never hear about.
Bullying is a big problem and here are my suggestions to help you take on the bullies and win!

If you have any questions, give us a call or connect with us via our website.

Jon Mitchell Jackson and Lisa M. Wilson
Jackson & Wilson, Inc. (Since 1986)
23161 Mill Creek Drive, Ste 150
Laguna Hills, CA 92653
Tel No. 949.855.8751
Toll Free No. 800.661.7044

Our partners have been trial lawyer since 1986 and are all “AV” rated. Our senior partners have extensive experience helping personal injury and wrongful death clients with their claims and cases and include a 2013 California Lawyer Attorney of the Year Award (CLAY Award) and 2009 Orange County Trial Lawyer of the Year award. We’ve been helping people for almost 3 decades and the chances are good we can help you to. All you need to do is call.

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  1. Thanks for sharing our information about how to handle bully cases. I just wanted to provide a specific plan that victims and parents can use to stop the problem. It’s all about holding everyone responsible and putting everything in writing (not emails) to satisfy legal notice requirements. Although my article is oriented to California victims, some of the steps should work in other states. Obviously, everyone being bulled should seek legal counsel and help in their city and state. Feel free to reach out with any question or comments. Again, hope everyone finds this article, resources and links useful. Mitch

    • Hi Mitch,

      Thank you for sharing your very informative post and video.

      For the past 10 years I have been involved in mental health advocacy and am very passionate about bullying prevention efforts.

      The criminalization of bullying is such an important topic and will present many legal and societal challenges.

      I am gather information on this site to help create thoughtful discussion on Rebecca’s Law and chronicle the history of the law from many different perspectives.

      This will be important for future issues that may arise involving these and many other questions:

      – what will be possible constitutional challenges to Rebecca’s Law?

      – what will be the statute of limitations for civil/criminal cases?

      – what will be affirmative defenses to bullying and cyberbullying?

      – how will our court system handle the current bullying epidemic?

      – if the bullying crime takes place in cyberspace, what courts will have jurisdiction?

      – no matter where they are at the time of the crime, will it be illegal for Florida residents to cyberbully each other, but legal for out-of-state residents or those living in foreign countries?

      – will it be possible to charge parents, adults, siblings, spouses, employers, co-workers, teachers, coaches, police officers, etc. with bullying?

      I also put together another site to accumulate information on proactive bullying prevention strategies.

      The number of children committing suicide is staggering and time is of the essence.

      It is critical not to take sides on this issue and function as a united society to understand the sources of bullying in children, whether it be, hate, prejudice, jealously, lack of empathy, immaturity, gang mentality, ethnocentrism, peer pressure, lead poisoning, etc. and help children to obtain the social skills and resources they need to eliminate bullying behavior.

      Finding cures for the bullying epidemic will challenge the depth and breadth of our understanding of human behavior and self-exploration.

      Please stay in touch and you are certainly welcome as a guest blogger!

      Kind Regards,
      Maria Mangicaro
      Bullying Prevention Advocate


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