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Bullying and Suicide

Commit to Safety in the New School Year

The Importance of Tactical Site Surveys

Exciting News at Scenario Learning

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School Safety News

  1. ALASKA: Child Abuse: Identification & Intervention
  2. MICHIGAN: Child Abuse: Identification & Intervention
  3. NATIONAL: Bedbugs in Schools (Spanish)
  4. NATIONAL: Bloodborne Pathogens Exposure Prevention: Custodians (Spanish)
  5. NATIONAL: Facility Emergencies
  6. NATIONAL: Head Lice (Spanish)
  7. NATIONAL: Safety Data Sheets (Spanish)
Bullying and Suicide
The parents of a 14-year-old boy who tragically committed suicide last year have filed a $1 million claim against a Southern California school district. The parents allege that their son committed suicide after a video of him in the bathroom taken by a classmate went viral, and led to constant harassment, bullying, and teasing. The parents also claim that multiple school staff, including an administrator, knew about the bullying but did nothing to intervene.

Studies show that every 7 minutes a child is bullied at school and every year 19,000 bullied children attempt suicide. Also alarming, 1 in 3 teens report being bullied and 1 in 10 reported being bullied daily or several times a week. Did you know that 57% of students would not report a bullying incident if they could not do it anonymously?

SafeSchools Alert is our online bullying reporting and tracking system that allows students, staff, and parents to confidentially report safety tips to administration 24/7/365. You can receive tips via 4 convenient ways: text, web, email, and phone. Every tip is then logged in your custom Alert system for administration to easily investigate and manage to resolution.

SafeSchools Training offers courses to help you identify, address, and prevent incidents of bullying, including:

  1. Bullying: Recognition & Response
  2. Bullying: Recognition & Response (Primer)
  3. Making Schools Safe for LGBT Students
  4. Online Safety: Cyberbullying
  5. Student Mental Health
  6. Youth Suicide: Awareness & Prevention
  7. Youth Suicide: Awareness & Prevention (Jason Flatt Act)

SafeSchools Training and SafeSchools Alert can be valuable additions to your current Bullying Prevention initiatives. For more information on these programs, call 1-800-434-0154 or

Commit to Safety in the New School Year
As you begin the new school year, if you’re like many school administrators, one of your top priorities is the safety of your staff and students. It’s one of our top priorities here at Scenario Learning, developers of the SafeSchools Suite of Safety Products, and we want to be sure you and your staff are well prepared as you head back after summer break.

Did you know that Scenario Learning offers a complete suite of online safety and compliance programs for schools that can help your district save time and money? School districts who have implemented our SafeSchools programs well have saved hundreds of thousands of dollars a year by reducing accidents and claims, while increasing safety and compliance.

SafeSchools Training is our award-winning online staff training and compliance management system that delivers 100% school-focused training and district policies online. Staff receive notifications of assignments and email reminders, and completions are tracked automatically. And best of all, compliance reports are delivered right to your inbox. Staff training has never been easier!

SafeSchools Training offers hundreds of courses aimed at making your district an even safer place to work and learn. In fact, since the school year ended, we’ve added 6 new courses to our ever-growing Course Library! And, as always, if you’re a SafeSchools Training customer, there’s no additional charge for these new courses.

To watch a 2-minute overview of the SafeSchools Training System, please click here and for a full Course Library, please click here.

SafeSchools Alert is our bullying reporting and tracking system that lets your administration receive tips via phone, text, email, and website. Students, staff, and parents can confidentially report bullying, harassment, and intimidation to administration 24/7. To watch a short overview of the Alert system, please click here.

SafeSchools SDS is our online SDS management system. You can easily organize, update, and store chemical inventory lists and SDSs into online binders for your district, and print these binders out in just a few clicks! For an overview of the system, please clickhere.

SafeSchools Accident Tracking is our new online accident tracking and first report of injury system. Use one system to record, investigate, and manage injuries anywhere on your campus, through any web-enabled device. Click here for an overview of the system.

Best of all, when you purchase more than one of our SafeSchools programs, you’re eligible for our multi-product discount, which can mean significant savings for your district.

For more information, to schedule a demo, or to request a guest account for any of our products, please contact us at 1-800-434-0154 or today. We look forward to learning more about your safety initiatives and how we can best support your goals.

The Importance of Tactical Site Surveys
Sustained excellence in school safety is the result of analysis, not luck. The safest schools are those that anticipate and prevent dangers. In safe schools, most accidents never occur because the sources of danger are identified and addressed. And, when an emergency does occur, the safest schools have clear, practiced plans in place. The following tools can help your district effectively identify, evaluate, and address your risks:

  • Community hazard assessment
  • Reported incident data
  • Student, staff, and parent surveys
  • Preparedness plan evacuation checklists
  • Drills and exercises
  • Tactical site surveys

A tactical site survey should be conducted at least once a year and is a process during which a multidisciplinary team, including staff from several school departments and local emergency response organizations, conducts a thorough assessment and evaluation of the school building and surrounding grounds. All important features that might have a bearing on the safety of the schools, or the handling of a crisis at or near the school, are considered and noted. An effective site survey goes beyond simply being a safety assessment process intended to find and fix hazards. The other vital goal is the creation of a safety-centric culture in the school and support facilities. Preventative measures stop crime, violence, disruption, accidents, and crisis situations from ever happening, which is always the goal.

Tactical site surveys also help reduce the impact of an emergency when it does occur. The site survey can help identify weaknesses in your emergency operations plan (EOP). It allows you the time to improve upon those weaknesses. Tactical site surveys should not be viewed as a “pass/fail” but rather as a proactive prevention, mitigation, and crisis pre-planning activity.

For a Tactical Site Survey Checklist from leading experts, Safe Havens International, please click here.

SafeSchools Training offers Emergency Management courses that can help you with these important activities, including:

  1. Accident Investigation
  2. Emergency Operations Planning: Building the Plan
  3. Emergency Operations Planning: Implementing the Plan
  4. Incident Command Systems
  5. Safety Committee Operations
  6. Tactical Site Surveys

SafeSchools Accident Tracking is our new online accident tracking and first report of injury system that lets your team record, investigate, and manage accidents and injuries anywhere on your campus through any web-enabled device. The SafeSchools Accident Tracking System allows you to track your accident data in one comprehensive system. Having access to this important data can help you identify trends which can be valuable to your prevention efforts.

For more information on these programs, please contact us at 1-800-434-0154 or

Exciting Company News
We’re proud to serve over 4,500 districts as a trusted safety and compliance partner and are excited to welcome the following districts as new customers:

Atlanta Public Schools – Nearly 7,000 Atlanta Public Schools staff members now have access to the SafeSchools Training System through MyPLC, the district’s online talent management system powered by Truenorthlogic.

Florida School Boards Insurance Trust (FSBIT) – FSBIT member districts now have complimentary access to the entire SafeSchools Training System.

Participating FSBIT full-member districts are:

  • Alachua County School District
  • Citrus County School District
  • Lafayette County School District
  • Okeechobee County School District
  • St. Johns County School District
  • Santa Rosa County School District
  • Suwannee County School District
  • Taylor County School District

If you’re a member in one of these FSBIT member districts, contact us at 1-800-434-0154 to get started with your training system today. We look forward to working with you!

Cast Your Vote for a SafeSchools Program
Has SafeSchools Training made your staff training and policy administration easier and more efficient?

Has SafeSchools Alert helped you reduce bullying and other incidents in your district?

Has SafeSchools SDS helped make your chemical inventory and SDSs more manageable?

If any of our SafeSchools programs have helped your district, we hope you’ll take just a minute and vote for us in the 2014 District Administration Top 100 Products competition. Voting is fast and easy! Just click on this link and fill out the short form to submit your nomination.

Nominations close on 9/1/2014.

Because of your continued voting support, we’ve been designated one of District Administration’s Top 100 Products the past 4 years! It’s an exciting accomplishment and especially meaningful to our team because the award is driven by our wonderful and dedicated customers.

Thanks so much for your support, we appreciate it!

Visit Us in Person
Throughout the year, you can find our staff at various trade shows, conferences and education-related events across the country. Look for the SafeSchools booth this month at the following event:

Associated School Boards of South Dakota/School Administrators of South Dakota (ASBSD/SASD)
8/7, Sioux Falls, SD, Booth 11

School Safety News
Bathroom Video, Bullying Led to Teen’s Suicide, Parents Say

Cafeteria Man” Champions School Nutrition Reform

Anonymous Messaging App Yik Yak Contributes to Cyberbullying Problem

Family Suing District Over Bullying, Harassment

School Counselor Charged with Having Sex with Student

Two Students Arrested after Instagram Harassment

School District Pays $50K in Bullying Settlement

Teacher Accused of Sexual Misconduct with Two Students

School Administrators Charged for Not Reporting Staffer’s Sexual Misconduct

Girl Sues 2 Districts over Sexual Assault

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Bullies beware: Groundbreaking ruling allows schools to sue students who harass peers

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By Mark Mueller/The Star-Ledger 

In a groundbreaking case that puts school bullies and their parents on notice, a Superior Court judge has ruled that two Hunterdon County school districts may file suit against students who torment their peers.

Attorneys involved in the case say the decision by Judge Yolanda Ciccone — the assignment judge for Hunterdon, Somerset and Warren counties — could spur similar suits across the state.

They say it also delivers a strong message that parents may be held legally liable when their children taunt, tease or physically harass classmates.

Read more here. 

Parents of bullied Gallatin student plan to sue school

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Posted: Feb 08, 2013 10:57 PM ESTUpdated: Feb 9, 2013 11:26 AM CST

GALLATIN, Tenn. -The family of a Sumner County middle school student plans to sue the Board of Education because of ongoing bullying and what the family views as a lack of enforcing a zero tolerance policy against bullying.

Kim Woods said her son Bryson, 13, was first bullied and attacked at Rucker-Stewart Middle School in October.

During the attack Bryson was whipped with a leather belt by a classmate while other kids held him down in a locker room as they changed clothes following P.E.

“He said, ‘I am going to whip me a little kid today’ and apparently that was me,” Bryson said. “He got me by the throat and they pushed me up against the locker.”

He continued, “Then he got me in a choke, they held me down and they whipped me several times.”

Read more here. 

2nd bullying lawsuit filed against Sumner schools

Posted on

Nicole Young, Gannett Tennessee;3:45 p.m. CDT May 16, 2014


A local couple has filed suit against the Sumner County Board of Education claiming that school officials failed to protect their daughter from being bullied by teammates on the Hendersonville High School basketball team.

The suit, filed May 8 in Sumner County Circuit Court, seeks $300,000 in damages. The plaintiffs, Arnett and Sherry Hayes, claim their daughter was “the victim of an ongoing pattern of student-on-student racially motivated harassment and bullying,” the suit says.

Sumner County Schools spokesman Jeremy Johnson declined to comment on the lawsuit because it is pending in court.


Click here to read more.

Family files lawsuit against school over bullying

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LAWRENCE, Ind. – The parents of a special needs student are suing a local school for not doing enough to stop the bullying of their son.

The family says their son, Hawk, who was 9 years old at the time, was tormented and even received death threats. Hawk, now 12, said it was hard for him to come forward, but he wants to be the voice for others who are bullied.

“What he wants most of all, kids like this want most of all, is to be treated like every other kid as much as possible,” his mother Brenda Trimmer said.

Hawk’s parents said he is a brilliant boy who excels in school work. He is home-schooled because of his physical limitations, but Hawk decided a few years ago that he wanted to try school. His parents enrolled him in Hoosier Academies Learning Center in Lawrence two days a week.

His mom said the bullying began right away and students would chant at him and call him ugly names.

Click here to learn more.

Why Schools Lose Lawsuits Over Bullying

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MAY 7, 2012 BY 


All Sawyer wanted to do was to protect himself from bullies and the mean kids in middle school. He wrote to his guidance counselor, “I would like to let you know that the bullying has increased. I would like to figure out some coping mechanisms to deal with these situations, and I would just like to put this on file so if something happens again, we can show that there was past bullying situations.”

Three months later, he was punched so hard that he now is a paraplegic.

I’ve seen this so many times in the work I do. Kids are crying out for help: “How can I get the bullies to go away?” A lot of these children end up hiding out and become socially isolated, afraid of being bullied or harassed. Unfortunately for Sawyer, the school didn’t listen to his cry for help — and now the school is paying the price.

Click here to read more.

Father of accused bully says boys should have been kept apart

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January 21, 2014|By Stephanie K. Baer, Tribune reporter

The father of a boy accused in a lawsuit of bullying another boy at a St. Charles school said school personnel failed to keep the two first-graders away from each other, as he said had been arranged.

“They said they were going to separate them and they didn’t,” the father told the Tribune after a hearing in Kane County court last week. “I can’t keep an eye on him when he’s at school.”


Click here to read more.


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